Transforming living spaces from average to special.
Creating brandnew living concepts within unique spaces.

Monica Cernich about Christine Leja:

“Witty? Rebellious? Challenging? Expressive? Whichever you decide, this image is an imprint of a soul that will never stop being young, this expression will never grow old and her spunk will always guide her way.”

Christine Leja Architects

In the early 1990’s, Christine Leja was leading a highly eventful life as an entrepreneur, a life that involved travelling around the world. The German native is constantly on the lookout for the best things in the world, finally settled in the Balearic Island of Mallorca to channelize her passion for architecture.

Through her love for architecture and imagination of spaces, Christine started to transform spaces – right from ordinary to independent-minded homes – in the legendary Santa Catalina area. In the words of Christine, “For me, design is a tool to connect the past with the present.” She adds, “My services and results are modern, yet built on a legendary past.”

Christine Leja’s definition of a beautiful building project is very simple, “It is beautiful only if it is built to fulfil a particular purpose. Every design has a unique purpose behind it.”

Her great ambition, forward-looking vision, and a classy taste for architecture and lifestyle led rise to the “bconnected” concept, which has grown beyond architectural projects.

The concept includes a real estate agency, an interior design studio, a fashion and furniture store, and a food manufactory. The entire lifestyle concept is based in the bohemian neighbourhood of Santa Catalina.

Each and every creation of Christine have three things in common: passion, authenticity and audacity.

When asked, what she loves the most in her extensive concept, Christine says, ““Everything!” She adds, “I love when people show up and are astonished by the creativity and passion in our offerings, right from architecture to the chocolate manufactory.” People also love the fact that bconnected is a completely homemade & holistic brand and not just another large chain.


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