Converting a ruin with 4 flats in the heart of Santa Catalina and near by the harbour, inspired us, to make a exceptional and outstanding change and converting it into a cool family home. The target to keep the traditional facade and look of the house, but converting it in the inside into a modern & unique open space, brought us into challenging planning stage and in the same time it gave us the opportunity to think big and mainly to cultivate the difference.

Polished cement floors done in an old traditional way, iron staircase railing and windows done by an artistic blacksmith, handmade tiles by experienced artisans, brick walls, inbuilt furnitures handcrafted by carpenters, exceptional vintage wooden floor and last and not least all the technical details behind the walls. The entire team is proud and pleased with the outcome of our extensive & challenging work and we are very happy that just after finishing it, one of the most prestigious Architecture & Interior design books “TeNeues” is publishing our result.

Architecture: bconnected / Christine Leja Architects

Interior design: bconnected Interior Design / Designer: Christine Leja

Photos: Roman Kuhn


All starts with a vision and a mood board


After an intensive time of architectural planning, engineering, brainstorming, discussing and creating  we formed a fabulous team of architect, engineer, constructor, project manager, admin team and designer to turn all the wonderful ideas into reality.

Apart from the usual small obstacles that we always have with the usual offices and the interesting dialogues with the responsible decision makers, we were able to implement the vision successfully and exactly as dreamed.