A friend and colleague asked me, if I can imagine to ensoul his new built villa which he sold to an elder Irish family. Very honest and with a clear self-knowledge, he admitted, that it is a plain shell with the missing touch. After a first look at the property and meeting once the new owners, I decided to take care of this task. The villa has one of the most beautiful sea view – is south orientated, spacious rooms and no “curlicues” and therefor a good base to create an atmosphere. Thanks to the new owners for their trust and their brave “laissez faire” – which gave me the possibility in creating an entire concept. Sofas, chairs, beds, tables, tailor made shelves and writing desk, art, bed linen, lamps, books, spoons, soaps, sideboards, fruit tray, towels, flower pots, sun beds, umbrellas, curtains,….and much more…..were needed to make this property into a cozy and lively home. Not going for the most obvious style – modern & straight lines – instead deciding for a stylistic incongruity – was maybe the best solution to unite the needs of the new owner with the plain & straight lines of the property. I am happy to know, that the residents are more than content and that they feel “at home”!

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