Standing in front of a rough and overgrown piece of land, looking down to the same rough sea and trying to get a first inspiration, or better said a brain wave for a future home for a scattered family, with the need to have a special place in the sun, where they all can meet up, time by time and where they can share their love for transparency, light, sun and spaciousness.

After a first detailed topographic plan and knowing all needs, peculiarities, habits and ideas of the future dwellers, the creative boundless work can start. Doing such a openminded project in a small intimate team, is a wonderful brainstorming. 2 crazy minds – me and my old friend Roman started to dream, to imagine, to discard again, to turn all around, to start again……long nights with a lot of laughter and playfulness.

It is a gift, being able to let arise creative visions and dreams. I am very thankful for having such great people around me, which love to share this freedom of thoughts and whom are the same brave and crazy as me 🙂 Thanks Roman, for your big thinking and your spirit.

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